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Don’t be a target for taggers, protect your structures with
Vicwest Anti-Graffiti Coating


Millions of dollars are spent each year to remove graffiti from public buildings, but now you can protect your structures with Vicwest Anti-Graffiti treated products.

Vicwest Anti-Graffiti Coating is an innovative, factory applied clear coat that prevents the adhesion of defacing materials, so post vandalism tags are easily and effortlessly power-washed away. 

Schools, transit shelters, government and office buildings, hotels, restaurants – any building that’s a target for taggers – can be protected with Vicwest’s Anti-Graffiti Coating.

Graffiti removal costs an estimated $1.4 Billion annually in Canada
Find out how to protect your buildings.

Anti-Graffiti Coating Features:

  • Superior weatherability
  • Clear coating won't affect the colour it is applied over, and won't yellow over time
  • Resists adhesion to defacing materials
  • Environmentally friendly, no harsh cleansers required, graffiti washes off with just a power washer
  • Can be applied over a number of pre-treated substrates

Vicwest Anti-Graffiti Coating is perfect for new builds or retrofits.



Anti-Graffiti Coating

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