Jim Caruk's Straight Goods on Metal Roofs - Questions & Answers Part 2

November 26, 2014
"Which roofing material is best? It depends on who you ask. If you talk to someone who is only qualified to install traditional shingles, you can pretty much guess the answer. But as an independent contractor I often recommend Vicwest Metal Roofing. Sure it costs a bit more, but then it outlasts other materials by a long shot." Jim Caruk, Master Contractor, HGTV Host & Editor-in-Chief Renovation Contractor Magazine.

In the last blog post we looked at some slides from a presentation made by Jim Caruk, "The Straight Goods on Metal Roofs". Let's look at a few more.


These slides address questions that homeowners often have about metal roofing relating to installation, value, and maintenance.
  1. Do I need to remove my shingle roof first?
  2. Should I re-roof with metal if I'm going to move?
  3. Can I walk on my metal roof?
  4. Can I install a metal roof myself?

Do I need to remove my shingle roof first?
There are metal roofing products and situations where you can apply a new metal roof on top of the existing roofing materials, but in most cases you'll want to start fresh. This is an important question to discuss with your contractor who will be familiar with the pros and cons and the options for the roofing system you have selected. 
Should I re-roof with metal if I'm going to move?

Often homeowners are interested in the quality of metal roofing but unsure if they should make the investment in their current house. It's important to look at the increased resale value of your home when you install a metal roof over less expensive and often less attractive alternatives. A metal roof can give your home the selling advantage over similar homes in your neighbourhood, and it is easily recognized by potential buyers as a value-added upgrade.

Can I walk on my metal roof?
When a homeowner asks this question they are often thinking about home maintenance or the infrequent occurrence of having to get something off of the roof. A metal roof is strong and built to last. It requires no routine maintenance. Talk to your contractor to find out about periodic inspections.


~ Jane Swayze, Market Development Manager, Residential & Light Commercial Products

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